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Some frequently asked questions and everything elseโ€ฆ

Some frequently asked questions and everything else…

Can I use your art for my non-profit group (PSP, MSN, Yahoo)?

I’m frequently asked if I allow the use of my art for creations of tags, banner, avatars, signatures and email backgrounds. You are welcome to use my art (only from the personal works section) in this manner as long as it is for your own personal non-profit use and as long as you clearly state where you got it from or who the artist is. When my art is used in such a manner I prefer my website address somewhere in the vicinity of the piece, however I’m aware that some MSN groups cannot link or display addresses of mature sites. In this case my name [Anna Rigby] will suffice. I only ask that credit is given when using my art. You may crop, cut, scale and add sparkles/slight animation to the art, but please keep the aspect ratio. Skewing is not allowed.

Can I use your older art which is no longer displayed here for my non-profit group (PSP, MSN, Yahoo)?

As I’ve been updating the site over the years, I’ve been cycling out my older art for new pieces. I’ve been asked on several occasions if I allow people to use the older art that i no longer display anymore. If you still have copies of this older art and would like to continue using it, I have no problems with that. again, just please indicate where you had obtained it from.

Can I use your art to decorate my MYSPACE page?

I’m sorry but i do not allow the use of my art on MySpace. So much of my art has already been stolen and redistributed there that i have no control over it. Because people do not disclose where they found the art and then spread it to other users, i no longer allow any kind of use of my art on MySpace.

Can I use your character designs in my online role playing game?

You may use any art from the Miscellaneous section for that purpose as long as you state that you got it from here. I do not encourage using art from other sections because they are actually someone else’s RPG characters and I’m sure those people wouldn’t like it very much. If you are using said art in such a manner and someone contacts you about it, please abide by their wishes, I hold no responsibility over the outcome.

Can I use your art as wallpapers?

You are welcome to use my art as wallpapers for your own personal use. Distribution of any kind is not allowed.

Can I create a new piece of art based on your art?

You are welcome to use my poses and designs as inspiration. After all, it’s all been done before, lol. If you want to reference a pose that’s perfectly fine. If you are creating an exact copy of one of my illustrations/costumes, then just please state where you were inspired from.

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Are you available for freelance and what are your prices?

Yes I am, please contact me for details.

What do I get when I order a commission?

You will receive a high resolution digital file through a download link once we are finished with all transactions. I usually work no smaller than 12×18 inches at 200 dpi (sometimes larger depending on what you need). Your digital file is for your own reproduction purposes. Please note that while you hold the copyright to your character I still hold the copyright to my art. I have the right to post it in my galleries and reproduce (unless otherwise specified).

Do you take requests?


Do you do art trades?



How do you work?

I primarily just paint straight in Adobe PhotoShop using a Wacom tablet. I have really no formal training in actual physical painting so everything I’ve learned in Photoshop has been hacked together from various tutorials online and many many years of practice. I use lots of references from photography for my anatomy since I’m still quite bad at it when I paint straight from my head.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I mainly get inspired by other artists and RPG video games. My favorite artist would have to be Hyung Tae-Kim because of the way he uses and blends color, and the crazy way he contorts the human form.

Do you have any tutorials?

Yes I do actually, but you’ll have to dig around for them here. I must warn you though, I’m a horrible teacher so don’t expect much ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can you show me how to do something?

There are plenty of tutorials online that explain how to CG paint (that’s how I learned) so please don’t ask me general questions on how to do something. If there is something quite specific that I did and you would like to know about it, then feel free to email me. But please don’t ask for more tutorials as I really stink at them ๐Ÿ™‚

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